Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Oh. My. God.

From the annals of American idiocy, I bring you the results of the latest World Net Daily poll. Please use as fodder for humor and/or evidence for the continued demise of America's grasp and appreciation of science.

The readers of WND are a special group. If you combine the first two answers, the vast majority (nearly 80%) truly believe this is all a hoax. Not that we are wrong about the warming or the attribution, but that it is all made up to take over the world (i.e., a globalist power agenda). I am willing to have discussions with people about the science (although i'm not a climate scientist, I try and keep up). But....I doubt I could even have that discussion with these people. I really hope this is another parody site that duped me into thinking it was real.


Thermochronic said...

My research into the Cenozoic exhumation of the Pyrenees is also a plot to eventually control the world. In fact, I am part of the world thermochronologic conspiracy, we hope to destroy american democracy and install a thermochronocratic government run on Dodsonian principles. Activation energy and frequency factors will replace GDP and the stock market, and all non-Arrhenius movement will be outlawed. On hot days everyone must move faster or else face jail time. On really hot days everyone's age will be reset to zero. I hope they never get a hold of that story.

Brian said...

I'm so glad that little bit of Thermochronic wisdom is forever preserved in blog-comment space....for the future thermochronocrat loyalists to use as evidence for what their Founding Father was all about (and for the anti-thermochronocrats to spin and use as rhetoric to fuel their coup).