Monday, August 27, 2007

An e-mail I hope to get more often

In the midst of trying to write a manuscript, dealing with data glitches, and putting together the first edition of The Accretionary Wedge, I received an e-mail from the chair for a session at the upcoming American Geophysical Union (AGU) annual meeting in December.

I sent him a note, asking about the session, whether it was an oral or poster session, and so on.
And then I get this note back:

I have added you as an invited author.
One less thing to worry about....although I do still have to actually submit something (deadline is Sept. 6th, by the way).


Alessia Maggi said...

Nice one getting invited author status at AGU! It always looks good on CVs.

I'm not going to AGU this year because it coincides with Antarctic field season, unfortunately.

Will you be sharing your presentation topic on your blog sometime?

Brian said...

yeah, i will probably share that stuff on here soon...i'm hoping to submit a paper on it before the conference, so probably sometime this fall

when are you not in Antarctica!?