Thursday, April 05, 2007

Where on (Google)Earth? #7

Good luck.


Ron Schott said...

It looked challenging to begin with, but it turned out to take me less than five minutes. It feels so good to put geologic understanding of the landscape to work (plus a good familiarity with Google's satellite coverage). Here's my answer.

Brian said...

yep, you got it again....that is the northeastern part of the San Rafael swell, a Laramide structure in central Utah that exposes Triassic strata in its core (if i remember) up to Cretaceous stuff on its edges. Interstate 70 goes right through it, and the San Rafael river, which you can see in that image, cuts a beautiful canyon creating a Canyonlands-like landscape.

i thought this one might take more than a day...i'll have to step it up a notch next time