Saturday, April 14, 2007

Back to regular life...

I'm nearly done with this latest stint on the SHRIMP...I need to blast about 5 more zircons. What a way to spend a Friday night.

I was gonna work on finishing up a paper that needs to get off my desk, my upcoming spring review progress report, reading a bunch of papers that i've been meaning to get to, and various other research-related activities while running this machine the last 3 days.

Instead, I played around on the internet.

Surfing the web is such a spasmodic and nonlinear activity -- it actually goes perfect with running this machine, which has a sequence of mindless tasks every 7 minutes.

I've been checking out some music-related sites/blogs...I started a list on the sidebar. I haven't posted too much about live music on this blog, because I just haven't seen much lately. The whole finishing-up-the-dang-PhD thing has gotten in the way. I'm hoping to change that this summer.

...okay, 4 zircons to go...


Thermochronic said...

I think you should write a song called "5 more zircons to go" modeled after the Johnny Cash classic "5 more minutes to go"

Chuck said...

7 minutes? How many scans are you doing?

What age range?