Friday, July 06, 2007

Spectacular visualization of flight patterns

If you haven't seen by now...i'm a sucker for images showing complex patterns. I found a fantastic website that is part data visualization and part art. The author/artist of this project, Aaron Koblin, compiled flight pattern data from the FAA for the United States (and most of North America) and created stunning images and animations. The animations are really the coolest part of see our flight transportation system like this is jaw-dropping. It looks like the flurry of activity you see on an ant hill...or something.

Here are a few of the images....check out the site for more.

The look and feel of the work reminds of the Cabspotting project that I posted about several months ago.

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tectonite said...

Wow - that's beautiful.

I had no idea how many flights went through Florida. The entire state is lit up.