Saturday, February 10, 2007

Just Science week -- wrap-up

I'm tapped out.

Fortunately, this week fell during a time where I was only really busy instead of super-ultra-crazy busy. But, alas...I have no more 'draft' posts that have been sitting around for weeks/months waiting to be finished. I have no time to create one from scratch for a while.

Here's a run-down of the week's post...a hodge-podge of sedimentary research that i'm either actively engaged in or interested in:

JSW #1: Sediment thickness in the world's oceans
JSW #2: Submarine Geomorphology
JSW #3: Experimental Sedimentary Systems
JSW #4: Learning about sediment dispersal from the age of single grains
JSW #5: Sediment transfer from the continent to the deep sea

The last post was cross-posted over at Deep Sea I would like to thank them. They have a great blog, you should check it out.

These posts are not comprehensive reviews of the topics with extensive lists of references and such. For anyone that is interested in more, feel free to post a comment and I'd be happy to get some more information to you.

Finally, thanks to the folks at Just Science for making this happen.

Visit ...Or Something in the future for ramblings of Earth science stories, commentary and/or rants about science abuse, random nonsense...or something.


CJR said...

Well, you did a lot better than me - you even had a theme. And time lapse movies of model deltas - those were particularly cool.

Brian said...

yeah...i saw your post about reality intruding into happens

the St. Anthony Falls lab is awesome! check out the stuff on there about super-cavitation...the US Navy is funding it...i guess trying to make faster submarines, missiles, etc.

Thermochronic said...

Hats off to you (which is a big thing in cold climates), you wiped the floor with this challenge. Excellent posts.

Lab Lemming said...

Nice work. The sand lab was particularly cool.