Thursday, March 08, 2007

still in the field

We are in town right now (Puerto Natales, Chile) to resupply, get a shower, and sleep in a bed for a night. There are a bunch of internet cafes in this town because it is a jumping off point for backpackers and such (mostly Europeans) traveling around Patagonia.

The weather has been the usual...either really nice (60s F and sunny) or completely miserable (30s F with snow or rain). I either feel ridiculous carrying so many articles of clothing in my day pack when its nice or wish I had more to wear when its cruddy.

Probably the most exciting thing to happen so far this that I finally saw a puma! They are essentially the same species as a mountain lion in North America but a bit bigger I think. They are around and probably see us all the time, but are timid and difficult to actually see. Today, we saw one cross the dirt road we were driving. I was happy to be in the car...the thing was big and muscular. It could kill and eat me without much trouble if it wanted to. Luckily, they are fairly well fed in this region...plenty of sheep and guanacos (and turistas).

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pirex said...

Sounds like fun. I watched a new vido on PBS's Nature Program about the Andes

Andes The Dragon's Back

It has about the first twenty minutes of the video showing where you are in Southern Chile.